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FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL offers an effective Environment Monitoring solution for problems associated with fire. The ultra compact device with its intelligent smoke, heat & multicriteria detectors communicate the presence of fire via audio - visual alarms to the administrators. Its user friendly software offers the technicians unsurpassed flexibility in navigation and damage control. The System helps in protecting the assets & lives of the people working in the areas covered by this system.

STAR FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL comprises of a robust Control panel which can be coupled with SYSTEM SENSOR detectors for smoke, heat, multicriteria, Manual call points, sounders etc.



    • The Controller has inbuilt software to sense, receive and recognize the signals sent by the
    • In the event of any abnormal condition or malfunction it activates an alarm that has to be
      acknowledged physically and reset.
    • Has optional 2 to 8 zones (areas) adaptability.
    • SMPS power supply.
    • Software for monitoring and report generation.
    • Events logging.
    • It needs a power connection and comes equipped with a 3-pin power supply cord.
    • LED’s are provided for individual ZONES to indicate status of respective zones.
    • Relay outputs are provided for individual Zones. Relay output activates after Short / Alarm condition of respective zone.
    • Relay output for hooter is provided which is activated in Short / Alarm condition occurs in
      any sensors.
    • Acknowledge switch for silencing the hooter.
    • A Buzzer which beeps with hooter in Short / Alarm and Open Panel Door conditions is provided. The buzzer cannot be silenced through Acknowledge key.
    • A Limit switch for sensing door status i.e. Open / Close.
    • RS485 serial port at eight baud-rate speed setting (Default 9600 bps) for interfacing with
      Master (PLC, PC).
    • Optional Potentional free outputs for all zones.
    • Modbus RTU interface to communicate with BMS System.
    • 4x20 LCD for displaying status of all Zones.
    • LED Display status for all zones.

Specification :

Configuration : Control Panel with optional zones from 2 to 8
Operating Voltage : 230V AC 50Hz
Dimension : 305mm X 225mm X 85mm
Weight : 2.5 kg.
Mounting : Wall


RS 485 to RS 232 convertor available at extra cost.


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